The Horta Museum, in Faial

The Horta Museum is located in the city and county of Horta on Faial in the Azores.

The collection of the institution has several collections on the history of Faial. Among them are works from fig tree pith, artist Faial Euclides Silveira da Rosa, born on the island of Faial in 1907 and died in Brazil, São Paulo in 1979.1 as well as works of Portuguese painters António Dacosta, Sousa Vieira Pinto and Lusitano.

Repository of a wealth of symbolic value, the Horta Museum is made up of heterogeneous set of collections, to understand the chronological period from the sixteenth century to the present: ethnography, objects and devices connected to ancient crafts and traditional agricultural technologies, flax, wool and ceramic; technological objects related to the history of the Port of Horta, as with the submarine cable stations from the nineteenth century to the twentieth operated in this nerve center of the North Atlantic communications; religious art; fine arts; photographic documents; printed documents and manuscripts; natural history specimens.

The Museum Centre of Capelinhos reports the eruption of the Volcano of Capelinhos in 1957, with photographs of the phenomenon and slag from the eruption.

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