The Flores Museum, in Flores Island

The Flores Museum is an institution owned by the Regional Directorate of Culture consists of two poles Museological:

Environmental and Cultural Center in Boqueirão Whale Factory

The factory Whale is one of the important buildings but the whaling architecture, ordered built for the use of whale oil, which was the first great Florentine industry and economic activity that most benefited the local people.
The first work in this factory dating from the summer of 1944, a time that was marked by the world hunting the whale heyday, when there was a exciting rising oil price.
This time is on site Environmental and Cultural Center Boqueirão Whale Factory, which allows Florentines revive their ancestral memories and an interpretive center with a didactic perspective – teaching. There is also nearby the Hotel das Flores.

Convent of St. Bonaventure

This convent comes from a donation made by Father Ignatius Coelho in 1641 and was an important center Franciscan end of Six hundred. In 1832 this convent inn closes for imposition of D. Pedro, due to the appearance of Liberalism. In 1855 now belongs to Anthony Peixoto Pimentel who founded here the Hospital das Flores in 1878. In 1969 becomes prep school on the island and in 1980 municipal interest Monument, in 1993, after restoration, reopens the service Museum of Flores.

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