Francisco Lacerda Museum, São Jorge Museum, Calheta, São Jorge Island

The various collections that make up the collection of this museum are mainly ethnographic and articles are dated from the nineteenth and twentieth century and include the themes of ceramics, textiles and weaving, agriculture, livestock and also the furniture. One of the most important collections of this museum refers to the Maestro Francisco de Lacerda collection that was born in Calheta.

This museum since its installation seeks to have a function other than just a straightforward exhibition of its collection, as well as the works seeks to expose testimonies that are part of the cultural heritage, developing a set of activities that are intended to supplement the information and the formation of visitors.

Receives visits schools thus applying the training investment subsequently performed, since the exhibited products removed from its original context, are presented under a new framework in order to meet scientific, educational, cultural and artistic objectives.

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