Faial Island

Faial is located in the extreme west of the Azores Central Group, separated from Pico Island by a narrow arm of the sea with 8.3 km (4.5 nautical miles) wide, known for channel Faial. The island has the approximate shape of an irregular pentagon, with 21 km long east-west direction and a maximum width of 14 km, which corresponds to an area of 172.43 km².

Towns and Culture

- Horta – the island’s capital and a major sea ports of the Azores, and one of the most famous in the World Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, College Palace, Church of the Holy Savior, Jesuit College, Horta Museum, convent of San Francisco, Monte Carneiro, Fort Santa Cruz, Peter Café Sport, Scrimshaw Museum (works in bone and whale tooth);

- Feteira – the Feteira Coast, Church of the Espírito Santo(Holy Spirit Church).

- Varadouro – thermal baths, Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Dores, Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Saúde, natural pools.

- Flamengos – Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz, Botanical Garden.


- Caldeira, Boiler – almost in the center of the island lies the great central crater of the island, known as Caldera, with an approximately circular shape and about 2km in diameter and with a depth of around 400m. By making the route around the crater have to be taken care of fog that is sometimes sudden. The boiler is considered Natural Reserve;

- Cabeço Gordo – the highest point of the island with 1040m of altitude and from where we can see a stunning view over the surrounding area;

- Ponta dos Capelinhos – geologically is the latest part of the island, originated as a result of the eruptions of 1957-58, initially underwater, that then emerged and what is now the Capelinhos. Today contrasts the barren, black and silent zone Capelinhos with the excitement of the deep blue sea and the white foam that surrounds it. The whole history of this event, which has affected the archipelago, can be revisited today in the Museum Centre of Capelinhos (or simply Museum of Capelinhos) Capelo in the parish;

- Capelo Forest Park;

- Viewpoint Caldeira Road – near Flamengos with a good view over the valley of the Flamengos;

- Beaches Almoxarife and Porto Pim – sandy beaches and sea, usually quiet, the second in Horta;

- Bay of Ribeira das Cabras.

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